Off Duty Sheriff turns table on Thugs - Head Shot

At least he died doing what he loved. Phone Post 3.0

Good on him Phone Post 3.0

Cop should be on death row for murder.

-angryinch Phone Post 3.0

poor hoo

TryhardNobody - love how he circled the pump using it for cover. looks ex mililtary

Or an IDPA shooter.

Cue Matt Serra quote Phone Post 3.0

Lol! You beat me! Phone Post 3.0

Chicago may be the first place everyone agrees, Martial Law is needed.


Soup and Beer -


Shooter was looking for trouble IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Bet they didn't expect someone to pack heat, hmmm go figure Chicago. Phone Post 3.0

Subbed to watch later Phone Post 3.0

Don't rob people Phone Post 3.0

Even as a liberal, I have no problem with this. Good on him, as Matt Serra would say "fuck im". Phone Post 3.0

Nice shot. Phone Post 3.0

BernardHopkins - 
CRE - I actually feel a little bit sorry for the 16 year old there, you have to imagine he was born to some real winners as parents and didn't have much of a chance in life, that being said he made his bed so he has to lay in it now.

i agree

but a  lot of us are born to shitty ass parents

we dont all decide to rob and kill

fuck that punk. he could have easily killed that man and left an innocent family to cry and ask why.


Agree with both of you.

The cop is racist,and shouldve only used a taser - Ari