Off The Record-Please Read

Sorry guys,

But as of late last night I found out I would be unable to appear on 'Off The Record'. Long story short, I was in a pre-op exam for laser eye surgery and found out that I have some serious retina damage in my right eye. This is damage that must be corrected right away otherwise I'll be permenantly blind in this eye. I've tried to come up with every possible solution to this issue without having to change my schedule around.

Unfortunately nothing can be done, and I'll be in touch with OTR in the next 2-3 days to come up with the new date, it will be shortly, but I'm uncertain as to when exactly. I already spoke to them today, and things will be taken care of accordingly. My vision isn't something I want to play around with, especially when it could leave me with an untreatable condition.

My sincerest apologies to the forum about this mess, I was hoping to get in a few good words about MMA, but it'll have to wait I'm afraid. Sorry guys.

Take care,


Holy Shit!!!!

Call me tonight bro.

GET BETTER JT !!!All the best bro :)I hope your new glasses wont scare away too many kids...;)