Off to Vegas..what should my alias name be?

 I'm leaning towards Mark Kurano...


Off to Vegas to train at Striking Unlimited and then Seminar Saturday...My boy out there told me his cousins are all flying in from Hawaii to party this week and they got a table at Jet.  So I'm going to have to use my superpower wingman skills tonight, but don't want any stalkers tracking me down asking why my Hawaiian friends gave them STDs or the Pregnant Belly..

Alotta Fagina

I use Dick Saavy

Mark Kurano seems like the best idea.

Invite them to come check you when there in Hawaii to ride on your new motorcycle, train Judo & eat Acai.

take pics.

you know the rules.

have fun!

 Eric Shin, Ron Chee, Hugh Jardon, Beau Nerr, Cleet Torres... among others.

My personal favorite: Phil Alika Shou.  I've actually walked around a networking/drinking social with a nametag that said "HELLO My name is: Phil A. Shou"  Of course, I was there with Connie Lingus.

mr. k

Make sure you buy some metro black frame glasses to wear, always have an acai cup in your hand, and wear your hapkido black belt wherever you go in Vegas and no one will doubt that your name is Mark Kurano.

^^wait a second, you don't want people fearing for their lives from the dreaded hapkido kick of doom...

Example of the infamous "Hapkido Kick of Doom"


lol. parachagi of doom to the jaw.

Bi Bim Kuk Soo to the nads

there was actually a kid named Eric Shin that went to Kalani.

think he mite even have been a MMA.TV member.

 Mark Kurano

^not to be confused with John Knee

Jake Tyler??

Attn: Mr. Kurano...there may be a filipina girl named Jessica from San Diego looking to train Judo and taste your homemade acai bowls when she visits the islands in June. 

You could always go to Vegas and walk around in panties and say your name is Sub

interesting fm. interesting indeed. :)

Girl was at Jet nightclub as well and one of the cage dancers...I apologize that this is not the girl I referred to earlier.. :(