off topic question?

I was reading about sonnons stuff And he says he took tai-chi,qiqong,yoga and crado kickboxing put them into one and made them better and he also says his breathing etc is the only right way to do it.So does what mean that
tai-chi,qigong and yoga will hert the body or is he saying that his stuff works even better then they do.Thanks

just for fun has any one here read the book Five Animal Frolics(qigong) from

If you post a legitimate serious question, then you'll
get an answer.

If you want to discus Dragondoor, go there.

I way just asking people if there is still used for qigong and yoga if they do your programs.Sorry to get any one mad.

Plenty of people still do yoga, pilates, Tai Chi while doing Z-health. It all depends on your time constraints and training focus IMO.

There are quite a few people that have Z-healthed up their yoga, pilates, etc. On the flip side, quite a few have also replaced their original training with BME drills. It all depends on the individual as usual.