Offcial Weekend Predictions: 02/13

Bit of a slow weekend...I'm not even 100% sure Velardez will fight this weekend vs Jones but here goes:

Jose Luis Castillo (48-6-1) vs. Derrick Parks (14-1-2)

Fernando Velardez (24-5-1) vs. Rodney Jones (25-5)

Sinan Samil Sam (18-1) vs. Luan Krasniqi (25-1)

Jawaid Khaliq (22-1-1) vs. Ener Julio (25-5-1)

My picks are: Castillo, Jones, Luan (this pick is in honour of Whitebelt), Khaliq

Current Standings:

1. Vster 47-16 (1)

2. JinseiHayato 40-12 (4)

3. Rogie2000 40-14 (2)

4. Molson 44-20 (3)

5. Shootfighter2001 38-20 (5)

6. Crazyhook 35-21 (8)

7. Samuraiclown 36-25 (6)

8. Jayc1612 25-10 (7)

9. Hopkinshater 21-8 (11)

10. Whitebelt 23-12 (12)

11. Boxingfan 21-13 (13)

12. Gator 20-7 (9)

13. Homie 19-5 (10)

14. AntonioMontana 11-6 (15)

15. TommyDapit 9-3 (14)

16. Keith Palmer 5-1 (16)

17. The Real Joker 4-0 (NA)

18. Poundforpound 4-1 (17)

19. Hollywood Blode 4-2 (NA)

20. Jason Hornbuckle 3-2 (18)

21. Clemson 3-2 (19)

22. BW88 3-2 (20)

23. SuperMarioSak 2-0 (21)

What about the Viloria-Keb-Bass fight?

If you want to add it I'll take:


HH: I was gonna include Bass/Villorioa but Bass has lost like 4-5 straight and i think he's more than done...a scarifice for Villoria....too one sided imo...

Castillo, Jones, Samil Sam, Khaliq

Molson, you could be right but his last fight was a highly controversial draw with Jose "Carita" Lopez a very well respected fighter. He's been in with some tough guys and given most all they can handle from what I see at boxrec. Alot of people feel this is Viloria's toughest test so far.

HH- I didn't think Lopez was more than a tough guy/journeyman....but i really don't know....

I agree that its Villoria's best test so far, but given his prior comp, that ain't saying much...

I'm gonna leave it out but i'll tell you what, if Bass wins, I'll give you the point ;)

Thanks Molson.

I agree Viloria's comp has been mediocre at best and he's had a few shaky moments against those guys.

Another thing is it's hard to guage level of competition on a guy as small as Viloria because frankly, we do not know much about the guys they face. Keb-Bass is a former straweight title challenger but he could be over his head with the bigger Viloria. I'll go out on a limb on this one though. I'm actually looking forward to this fight alot believe it or not.


Samil Sam


Jose Luis Castillo (48-6-1)

Rodney Jones (25-5)

Luan Krasniqi (25-1)


Time for a comeback!



I was going to pick Velardez, but now that Gator Man has stated that he was going to win easily by KO, I'll be safe and take Jones


I don't think you guys know just how horrible Rodney Jones is.

Jose Luis Castillo
Fernando Velardez
Luan Krasniqi
Jawaid Khaliq


BPD Lime Belt

Gator man me too!