Offer for fighters, promoters etc

If anyone on the UG is looking to make their own event dvd, want to make a promotional clip of their fighters to send to other promoters, perhaps a fighter wants to make something of himself to promote himself, or instructional dvds I might be able to help.

My bro-in-law runs which makes all sorta of motion media stuff. Dvds, Video, Mpegs etc. It's all priced to fit whatever your budget is too.

If you tell him you saw this here I'll bug the crap out of him to make sure you get a deal. LOL!




I may need to avail myself of their services, Dougie. This si very interesting.

Jon, if you need to contact them do so and tell him you know me. He does good work. Let me know if I can help you out. I managed to convince him that mma and fighting sports are a viable business and more professional and not just a bunch of thugs.

Dougie you are the man! My project would have nothing to do with MMA, but it still looks like they do some fine work.

Like I said man, tell him you know me and he'll help you out.

I will, indeed, play the "Dougie" card:)

...and if it's porno make sure I get a copy.

...unless it's home made porn. In that case please spare me.



"The Jon Kellet Story."

The scene opens with Jon answering his doorbell.

Jon - "Hello?"

Pizza Girl - "Hi. I have your pizza."

Jon - "I didn't order any pizza."

Pizza Girl - "That's ok. I'm not wearing any pants."

**Cue cheesy music**

True story.

We're currently in talks with Disney to produce it for their new line of straight-to-video adult movies.

Jon will be wearing a micky mouse outfit.

Geez, I send Doudie ONE homemade porn film and I ruin it for everybody... :(


It was a delicious pizza, by the way.

You call that home made porn JHR?

It was you walking around the house naked scratching yourself and belching as you drink beer and fart at the dog.





...not that it didn't sell on ebay though. I'll be sending you your comission soon ok?

The next movie will be called "Son Of Kellett."

It's the story of a boy who walks into the wrong locker room at the ice capades and how he became a man.

That story might not be quite as true, but will be entertaining nonetheless.

All my stories are entertaining and they all have that grain of the truth, no matter how miniscule that grain might be.