Officer Standing in Fatal Funnel Shot and Killed

This is sad. I don’t know why on earth they were hanging out at the door of a known bad guy, seems crazy in this day and age that they weren’t more trained for this. Also, ban auto fire guns.

Should have sent a culturally aware social worker instead.

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Because they’re literally hunting black people, duh

Yeah that guy would have never have gotten his hands on that gun if they were banned

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more info

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As an ex cop it mystifies me why anyone would want to do that job in this day and age.

RIP officer.


What’s an auto fire gun? Is it on a motorized turret with proximity sensors?

put me down there you are GIF by David Urbinati

RIP officer.
Deon was sent to hell. P.O.S.
Defunded police department’s social workers, should solve the problem.

Jesus. That first burst was scary as fuck as it sent that leading officer down to the pavement.

Was he behind the door? If not why didn’t they see him before he opened fire?


Thats freaking awful, and the mother or whoever that woman was should be charged with murder 1 as well. Are these guys buying full auto on the street somehow, are people out there converting them, or what?

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ok I answered my own question by reading the article. There’s a “switch” that converts a semi handgun to full auto???

“Milanowski said ATF has arrested multiple people over the past year selling auto switches, seized about 104 of the switches, and seized 11 handguns that had the switches on them. He says they are seeing them across the Houston Field Division but they are seeing the most in the city of Houston.”

Need to bring back stop and frisk to get guns out of the hands of these people

No doubt, it seems like NOBODY pretends that policy didnt actually get illegal weapons off the street.

How suck would it be to be that guy’s neighbor? I’m just chilling with some breakfast cereal, and slugs are zinging through three of my walls.

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