Official 2020-2021 NBA Thread

Ok how the fuck do you post YouTube videos here

Hey I actually watched this last night.

Man what that dude covered in the first few minutes, my mind was BLOWN!! That makes SO much sense!! I had done my own research and concluded that the crazy points scored by wilt and all the crazy rebound numbers for many from this era, was due to poor shooting effeciency which compared to later generations, was an accurate assessment.

However, that is only a small part of the pie. The pace of the game, the # of shots put up by each team, that makes WAY more sense as to why there were so many rebound chances as well as chances for a big man like Wilt to do putbacks.

That is context what I was missing greatly and you connected the dots by recommending that video. We can still disagree on who is #1 and I won’t forget that you have Jordan at #2, but years of interacting with you and seeing your die hard Russell nuthuggery, it actually makes me a tiny bit more of a Russell fan just by interacting with you. You’ve never been a dick but the moment you are, all of my Russell fanboy will be thrown out the window! ha ha, jk, kinda.

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Paul Pierce getting fired from ESPN is hilarious, the reason is anyways. Apparently he was posting videos on his Instagram of himself and friends partying with strippers and smoking and drinking, obviously not following the bs covid protocols.

He’s a trash analyst with horrible basketball related takes so it’s not a big loss but I still found it funny how he gets fired over that.


Porzingis hurt again?

yea, but just you wait until he comes back!

If doe doe, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Brunson keep playing the way they are Dallas might not even need Porzingas

I hope so,I thought the Mavs would take a leap this year.

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This thread somehow disappeared out of my subs and notifications. Nice to know the search works on this new site though!

Kyrie vs. Schroder - who would win in fisty-cuffs?

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Give me ze German… and literally anybody else on the planet to take that one.

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lol the round planet or Kyrie’s flat disc?

Also Drummond got 20/11 in 22 minutes…still can’t believe people think he was a shit pick up .

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I had to “watch” the thread again so its now poart of my “subs”

Denis would mop the floor with Kyrie.

good guy Steph… as always.

Suns, Knicks, Hawks, Hornets & Grizzlies… all in playoff spots.

who saw all that coming?!?!

I love it.

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^^The filthiest of the filthy^^

I like that

Super bigtime dunk. I liken it to the one Deandre Jordan did a few years back, but this one I like even more.

Looks like Murray might have popped his acl. Nuggets are done if so.

Not me.But Chris Paul is amazing,whatever team he goes to it’s like an automatic playoffs.
Also pretty cool how Thibs can squeeze effort out of that Knicks team

That sucks

Curry 53 tonight

Heartbroken to hear about Jamal Murray being out for the rest of the season and most of next.


Westbrook casually averaging a triple double again… and wills a win over the nearly unbeatable home team Jazz