Official 2021-2022 NBA Thread

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I"m of two minds about this.
Doc Rivers should have been fired on the spot for his answer at the post-game press conference regarding Simmons. For the head coach to do that, you’ve pretty much ensured the relationship is forever broken with the player and also made it more difficult for the team mgt to trade him.

But Simmons brought all this on himself with his play on the court. The better option for him is come back and play balls-to-the-wall for a season straight and get his value up, and THEN tell the 76ers to go fuck themselves if he still feels that way. As it is he comes off like a whiny cry baby.

Its obvious from Lebrons “its a personal family decision that I don’t want to discuss publicly” that he’s not vaccinated. Maybe everyone is by now though, who knows?
Will be interesting to see how this affects teams…

Would be great if all 3 of those teams horrendously underperformed this season, had all their star players request trades, and lose all their free agents next summer.

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Millsap to the Nets

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Lakers do seem to love signing as many big dudes as they can.

Looking forward to seeing Michael Porter Jr this coming season. I’m thinking he’ll be avg 25 ppg or more.

Damn he looks old af

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He’s become Bill Russell

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