Official 2021 Las Vegas Raiders thread

Some spots look just like dirt.Hopefully this is some type of high tech shit.Reminds me of a prison yard.

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Remember guys,we are headed into this playoff game unlike the playoff game in 2016.We have our starting QB & not our 3rd stringer.

Man I’m beyond pumped for this shit

The last playoff game against the Texans really left a bad taste in my mouth, when Carr was out with the injury and the Texans obviously won they celebrated like the won the friggin Super Bowl. I’m glad they suck ass now, fuck them.

I just know this freakin game is gonna be like all the other down to the wire ones so I’m preparing my heart in anticipation

Gonna go with the Howie Long jersey today.The superstition of losing when I wear a Raider jersey on game day ended this year.

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im an honorary member of raider nation for the next 4 hours, good luck !

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I have a good feeling about this one

Let’s gooooooo playoffs baby!

Holy shit on losing my internet connection.

Almost didn’t make it.


Big confidence booster with Tony Dungy picking us to win today.

Damn,wanted to start on defense so we get the ball second half.


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There we go for now.

Good little drive

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We are getting open & that’s a good sign.

Go for it on 4th if we don’t make it?

Dangerous throw

Man what a great drive to stall, I was digging that playcalling

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