Official 2021 Las Vegas Raiders thread

Constantly churning over over players is a big part of the success we have in KC. We pick up and release veterans and UDFA’s constantly. We released a veteran lineman from our SuperBowl winning team just to look at some unknowns during our rookie minicamp and then signed him right back after releasing some of those guys.

We currently have 5 QB’s on our roster.We have signed well over 30 players since last season.It’s obvious that the new front office is trying to find the right players & build the best team.

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Raider source is building steam look at the Patriots schedule.

Looking around…both of our games could be on prime time.

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Edited we released Garrett Gilbert.

Raider source 4 for 4.

A different Raider source has our bye week at week 6.

Don’t go getting too good now.

It’s like this…for the past 20 years,I always wanted our tough games like the Patriots for example,I always wanted them on the road because,I figured that we were going to lose anyways.I wanted the weakest opponents at home for a better chance of victory.

Now,with our front office,and the moves that we have made,I have done a complete 180 & now I want all of our toughest games at home.

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Can’t wait to see this division dominate football! Let’s go!

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Nothing about prime time.

Raider source was 9-9.

I think it was on the NFL Network.

WR DeAndre Hopkins for the Cardinals will be suspended for our game.

We are gonna need cable tv this year if you don’t know where to stream.

Our game against the Chiefs is on ESPN (everybody has ESPN)

Our game against the Rams is on Prime.

Our game against the Steelers is on NFL Network.

4 prime time games this year.

Raider source says KC home game is on at prime time,so that would be 5 if he is right.

This is better.

Garage door.

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Hate having another early bye week.

Last 5 games of the season are gonna be tough gonna have to get off to a hot start to start the season.

Also possible Raiders/49ers game could get flexed to SNF if both teams are in playoff contention.

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