Official: 2021 NFL Season Thread

NFL Season is closely upon us let’s talk shit but on top of that I will be posting all the news and notes as the season goes on.

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Trades completed this week.

Just waiting for that 6th rounder for Jake Verity

Dolphins are winning the AFC East, fuck the Bills. Count on it.

I’ll take this bet.

Best front office in football.

Record predictions hilarious as usual.

Year after year some of the worst projections in all of sports.

In. Can’t wait to see my team bottom out this year so we can have another high draft pick to select our future franchise QB

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Broncos taking home the Lombardi this season, you heard it here first.

Jared Goff gonna shatter every lions qb record this season



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USA Today right? They are a bunch of Chargers fans so they are always giving them a better record.

Urban Meyer himself said he needs to learn how the NFL works and how it differs from NCAAF. Dude better figure it out quick

Good thing I no longer fucking care about him

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