Official 2022-2023 NBA Season Thread

I mean… who fucking declares for the draft coming off a year you got 10 minutes a game and a whopping 3 points and 2 boards?

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People with an overinflated sense of their own skills or value.

Im really hoping he wasn’t banking on his last name getting him drafted

I mean… it surely wasn’t his on court prowess.

College averages of:

2.6 ppg
3.0 rebounds
40% from the field
48% from the line

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What’s the excuse for Pippen Jr. not getting drafted, just wasn’t playing anywhere worth a shit? I see he averaged 20 points his last two seasons at college.

He also signed with the Lakers lol

But to your question… I think its mostly the fact he’s only 6’1 and not elite in any area.

Cade & Jaden are gonna put the National Basketball Association on notice this season

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Ooooh, look at all these encouraging tweets!! Wow!!

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They found all 10 positive tweets about Detroit!


I think they could probably beat Gonzaga this year!

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Is Lillard still in Portland? I still don’t see them coming out of the west even if they get KD.

Imagine Holmgren taking a charge from Zion Williamson.
Kid might actually die on the court.


Dude is cancer


He is if he is left to his own devices.

He’s basically the offensive version of Dennis Rodman, a hugely talented headcase that needs a locker room leader to keep his ass in line, a head coach who is willing to put up with his oddities, and a team that accepts him for what he is (a talented headcase) and won’t begrudge him his special treatment. Put him on the right team with the right leadership structure, and he can help your team win a championship. Put him on a team without strong leaders or a bunch of whiny bitch teammates, and he’ll drag the team down.


He chose Brooklyn himself. Then he gave them nothing. And now he’s leaving them lol. It’s hilarious

But yeah I’m Detroit Rodman had Chuck Daly. Then in Chicago he had MJ and Phil both holding him down

I guess Kyrie just needs LAbron


So he needs to be completely coddled by everyone and there’s still no guarantee you win a championship. Hard fucking pass…



Teams felt exactly the same way about Rodman in the mid-90s, and for the most part, they were right. But there was one team that thought the could handle him, and they were proven correct. That’s the same situation Kyrie is in today. I think the vast majority of teams are absolutely correct in their choice to bypass him, but there are a handful of teams that might be able to make it work if they have the balls to try.

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