Official 2022-2023 NBA Season Thread


You can never have too many pure shooters. If you think you do, then you are doing something wrong.

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Thats hilarious.

Kyrie is going to have to buy the Kyrie’s lol.

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It’s funny, but does anyone really think like the name branded sneakers really make a difference?

All the people out there that think air Jordans will actually make you jump higher, etc

Zion’s Nikes literally fell apart on the court with his foot in it

That being said I play a very competitive squash. And there are some squash shoes infinitely better than others

ASICS make a very good indoor court shoe and I can tell the difference between them and a lesser brand

I’m pretty sure the documentary “The Sandlot” proved that certain shoes can make you run faster and jump higher.



Footwear absolutely makes a difference in sports. A good example is running, they’ve done studies to find out if people really are getting faster (because running records keep getting broken) and found it’s 100% because of better sneakers. Modern athletes in old footwear perform the same as they did 20, 50, even 100 years ago.

If that’s the case, I have some mid 90s era Dee Brown Reebok pumps I’ll sell you. 2 grand.

Are you old enough to remember zips?

Not to derail the thread but I 1000% believed these shoes. Would make me run faster

Im sure they’ve found modern footwear makes a big difference, but studies don’t conclude anything with that kind of certainty. Especially not things where one of the variables is 30+ years in the past and untestable.

Ask Lonzo Ball. He had to change his BBB shoes at the end of every quarter.

Funny. Some nba’ers don’t even tie the laces up tight. They just slip the shoes on and off.

How “good” or effective can one shoe be over another. If it’s not even tied up

On Facebook and Reddit they were saying those shoes are still his Nikes, he’s just coloured them in black while Nike have ‘suspended him’
… no idea if true

Really? That seems insane to me.
Basketballers feet are tightly strapped anyway but even so, that doesn’t seem wise

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Lamar Odom is still an idiot.

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serious question…

current Spurs vs current #1 ranked D1 NCAA team

7 game series (4 NCAA rules/time limits and 3 NBA rules/time limits)

Who wins?