Official 2022-2023 NBA Season Thread

Spurs win all four games by at least 40 points, with their 12th man scoring 20 ppg only playing the 4th quarters.


Spurs. 8 out of 7 every time

These are all guys drafted into the nba

Pick your top college team… how many will go pro?

There are a dozen pros on the spurs



Better question is g league ignite vs the number one college team.

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G-league crushes them.

Even G-leaguers were all studs in college and had enough talent that NBA teams thought they were a worthwhile investment. And they only train and play against other serious professional athletes (even some against NBA players), while college players often train and play against future insurance salesmen, baristas, and Wal-Mart stock boys.

Ignite I believe is mostly kids that skipped college to go to the g league and a few veterans if I remember correctly.


“The NBA G League Ignite is a developmental basketball team in the NBA G League. Based in Henderson, Nevada, the team was designed to play exhibition games outside the G League’s traditional scheduling as part of a one-year development program for elite National Basketball Association prospects.”

Fair enough

I didn’t realize there were different G-league levels.

Inside source told me UNC starters got schooled by non nba ex unc players over the summer. Guys like Marcus Paige, Luke Maye, etc.

I don’t know what g league ignite

But the Toronto 905 g league team producer chris Boucher, all star guard Fred vanvleet and all nba pascal siakam

Crazy when you think about it

Lebron’s stat line from yesterday - 39 points, (FG 11-21, 3PT 7-12, FT 10-10) 11 rebounds.

How does the best G League team do vs the best Euro League team?

Shouldn’t have even allowed this game to happen. Exhibition

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Scal said this team is deeper than 08. What say you?

It just might be

Are you watching this game? It’s like they have too many ways to score .

Blake time machine dunk



Im a hornets fan. We need to fire MJ asap. He’s just as bad as owner as he was good as player.

I went to a game a few weeks ago. No one in the seats. But groves of younger locals inside of the arena walking around the food/vendor/bathroom areas in crowds moving at a snails pace, impossible to get around at times, with the strong smell of marijuana traveling with them. And this is during the game, not halftime.

Its basically a hangout spot it seems. With upper level tickets being around $15 i guess its a cool affordable place to hang out.

But not an enjoyable place to watch basketball at all.



LeCry James