Official 2022-2023 NBA Season Thread

Under 1000 now. 995 points to go.
Was 1985 the last time someone was this close to Kareem in the all time total.

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Even if he only scores 20ppg, it’ll take him 50 games.
So he will most likely get the record this season.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs to go into next season though. He’s old as fuck and that groin injury keeps coming back

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It’s crazy that he’ll have the scoring record and also finish top 4 or 5 in all time assists most likely.


And not top 5 on anyone’s all time list


But clearly the best of his era


Only fanboys would have LeBron #1, and only blind haters would have him outside the top five. The overwhelming majority of reasonable people will rank him somewhere in the 2-3-4-5 range.

He’ll also be top 10 in career steals, top 40ish in rebounds, and top 100 in blocks, and that’s just in the regular season.

In the playoffs, he’s #1 in career scoring, #1 in steals, #2 in assists, #6 in rebounds, and #11 in blocks. Obviously, a lot of that is because he is also #1 in games played, but still, those are pretty darn impressive rankings regardless.

Right now
In that order

Things can change lebrons career is not over. He can pass kareem and win another title but that’s my list today

Steph can also add to his legacy as well

as far as peak performance goes, there are probably 10 players id take in their prime vs Lebron in his prime…but his longevity at an elite level is pretty amazing.

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His career stats and longevity are impressive.

If we’re picking a team full of NBA “Killers” i’d rather have guys like Jordan and Bird.
Lebron is mentally soft as baby shit.

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Put that on his plaque in the HOF.

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Good idea!

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He didn’t say clutch, he said soft. LeBron is a mental midget, homie. About as tough as a wet paper towel.

I’m as much of a fan of Leflop YouTube clips and gifs as anyone, but nah. Lebron - and others - do what they do in the modern era because the newer NBA rules encourage it and reward it.
In Jordan/Magic/Bird/Thomas era it wasn’t called so there was no point in playing in to it.
He is 6’9" and 250lbs and could play like Oakley or Malone if he felt like it. But it doesn’t benefit him to do so.

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I get it, he’s rewarded for acting like a bitch. Still… that makes him a bitch.


I don’t know dude. LeBron was fuckin tough in the 2016 Finals games 5, 6 and 7. The biggest stage the NBA has to offer and he was tough as nails. Thats a fact.

Then in 2018 Finals he went toe to toe against the Megatron Warriors. Game 1 he had 51 and almost single handedly won the game until that bonehead JR Smith fucked that up.

That 2007 team LeBron carried to the Finals holy fuck go look at that roster.

I enjoy watching LeBron go to teams and destroy it from the inside out like The Thing as much as the next guy. But that dude has come up huge on huge stages.

Another example of misleading stats…

Lebron has played far more games than Jordan…and has a losing record in the finals compared to someone who was undefeated in the finals.

more championships and MVPs in a far shorter window.

so basically, Jordan accomplished more than Lebron in far less time…thats why the GOAT argument is retarded…its not even close.


Kings win 7 in a row and have now dropped 3 in a row. Boys gotta right that ship.