Official 2022-2023 NBA Season Thread

You are preaching to the choir. I don’t think there is any reasonable argument to put Lebron above Jordan. But the fact that Lebron is even in the same stratosphere as Jordan speaks well of him. Not many guys are in the position to be compared favorably to Jordan in any post-season statistic.

My point was claiming that Lebron is ‘soft’ or not ‘clutch’ is silly. He may not be as ‘hard’ or ‘clutch’ as the greatest of all-time, but you don’t lead a team to 10 championship series (including 8 consecutive) and win four of them without being a pretty hard bastard who makes clutch plays.

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Im cheering for the kings.

As far as Lebron goes, for those that criticize him: What does that say about the rest of the league, considering he was the best player by a pretty wide margin over a long period of time?

I can’t believe there are still those who try to argue Lebron is better than jordan lol that’s crazy

It’s such a tired argument. Jordan is better.

I’ve broken it down in the simplest way possible. With 3 simple questions

  1. Who is better with the ball in their hands?
  2. Who is better defending against the player who has the ball on their hands?
  3. Who elevated their game the most when it was most needed?

The answer to all 3 of those is Michael Jordan

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Anyway. My team got blown out again last night. This time by the Knicks

Sad Pauly D GIF by A Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D and Vinny


I think most of the ‘Lebron is GOAT’ people fall in one of two categories.

  1. Millennials and Zers who lack first-hand experience of watching the 80s-90s NBA. Lebron is the best player in their lifetime, so they think that means he is the GOAT.

  2. Media hacks and cable sports talking heads, whose job is to hype up the flavor of the month and stir up controversy.

Regarding #1, that is not unique to younger generations. I know plenty of Gen Xers who wouldn’t put Bill Russell in top 20, or guys like George Mikan, Dolph Schayes, or Bob Pettit in their top 100 because they don’t know anyone from the pre-1970s era other than Wilt and the top three or four guys on those 60s Celtics dynasties.


this is neat…but this is not going to win championships…

Luka desperately needs help…


The triple-double is the most useless stat in sports.

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the assist is to me, but along with the triple double it really just shows that you probably had the ball in your hands far too much,

The hockey assist might be the most useless stat in sports. The nba assist is nowhere near that stupid. Though it is stupid they sometimes credit guys with an assist after the scorer takes 3 dribbles.

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Stockton to Malone on the break, made sense for an assist Stockton throwing it into Malone in the post three dribbles, and a fadeaway baseline jumpshot does not make sense for an assist

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Amazing stuff.

Basketball related question. Has anyone seen those ridiculous YouTube shorts/reels/tiktok clips of people playing basketball, clearly travelling, and then it asks whether it’s legal. Then the comments are divided. Some claiming it’s legit, others saying clean,. Some saying travel.
And then there are the ones with players doing legit moves such as Kevin mchales up and under, and morons claiming travel.
The nba rules r fucked

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Shit no.
These new stats they come up with are dumb as hell.
“Tied for third-youngest player to score 25pts and 9ast with 40% shooting including three left-handed layups and less than six free throws.”



And somehow heat already ahead

Yep they need to define it clearly instead of leaving it open to broad interpretations. Like 2 dribble maximum or the shot has to be taken within 2 seconds from receiving the pass. They’ll never do that though obviously - they want players stuffing the stat sheet.

The issue is the ‘gathering’ rule in the modern nba and when the 2 steps officially starts, as well as things like the ‘Harden step back’ that allows jump stops followed by reverse steps.
There are things that used to be travel and are now allowed, so it’s great click bait for content creators to watch the arguments flow.

That’s before we get to the superstar rules that have been around for decades. If you’re a big star doing something cool there is no travel …. aka the Shawn Kemp rule….

Sort of related but i enjoy these videos Professor does. He gets NBA pros on to say whether And 1 moves are legal basketball moves or if they would even work in the NBA.