Official 2022 Nascar season thread


Next week is the first race. Still not sure how this is going to work lol

First time cars on the track

Drives have nothing but positives with this track…

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Is this the official thread or the other one?

This one. I just froze the other. This one was created first

Didn’t search before starting the other…I’m the potato!

So how’s the aero supposed to be on this seasons cars?

Fuck yeah, let’s hope for a great season!

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How are they going to pit for the LA race? Are they going into the infield?

Blaney fan here. Like I said in the other thread, Larson is the man. Wins in everything he drives. Saw him at the DTWC a few years ago, really wanted to shotgun some Busch Lights with him and his woman.

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Don’t think they are. More like a dirt track race on asphalt.

Been hearing about this LA Collaseum thing for a month.

Turned it on now… WTF is this, looks stupid like a tny kids track.

Is this the real race?

Really hasn’t been bad racing.

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1/4 mile short track is the roughest racing I ever did. Shit’s real.


How do they not crash every lap?

NOTE: I know Nothing about NASCAR just live in LA and heard about it for a while

Professionals. I crashed my short track car in practice years ago. It’s a damn hard discipline.

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jed did you race asphalt or dirt? either, thats awesome.

What size normally are the Tracks?

half mile is the shortest

edit, martinsville .526 smallest
talladega 2.66 largest

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