Official 2022 Nascar season thread

Asphalt. I want to get into dirt, but I can’t justify the money to get into a 3rd racing discipline. I run a full time road course team (well used to, didn’t race at all last year, divorce and deployment etc.)


Nice Jed!

How many laps today?

Aww man. I haven’t had any wheel time since Carolina Motorsports Park in 2020. I was offered a seat at Barbers this past weekend but I work outside and just couldn’t get excited about spending all weekend at a race track in the cold.

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Looks like 150 laps.

Well, there won’t be any drafting on this track. Judging by the fact those turns aren’t all that straight you’ll be seeing tons of setup adustments today.

Misunderstood your question. It’s gonna be a helluva race.

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what do you do in the military? i do love dirt track racing, got a few friends who drive. i have been itching to get a car.

I’m an 18Z, Special Forces Team Sergeant.

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we got a guard group here that my dads friend was in. 18d medic.

How did Phoenix get the championship race? Isn’t that a cookie cutter track?

Talladega, Daytona, Bristol, Darlington or Martinsville should get the final race IMO

im not the biggest fan of the superspeedways for the championship, seems anyone can win them. martinsville or bristol would get my vote.

Nobody cares about the Phoenix racetrack so they had to do something to get viewers.

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Where are you located? 18Ds are the best medics in the entire world. I was an 18B (weapons) and 18F (intelligence) before I took this position.

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Hmm. That makes sense I guess.
I haven’t watched in a few years but I’m hoping to get back into it this year.

I watch old races on YouTube but for some reason I have a hard time being into the new ones.

Also work for a veterans motorsports charity that I’m always stumping for. PM me if you guys want to know more.

How often are these guys hitting each other’s cars?

He was in the 19SFG in WV. Not sure where he lives now.

Every lap on a track that size. I actually applaud NASCAR for choosing to do this, because it makes for entertaining racing, but for the owners every tap costs money. Each one of these cars (teams, the cars are different at most every race.) costs the same amount to run for a season as an NFL team.

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and this carbon fiber doesnt bang back to shape like metal

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Are there any tracks that aren’t oval or have right turns?