Official 2022 Nascar season thread

Just the late models. Not the sprints

The WoO tour looks a lot more competitive since the big fish in the little pond left. I cancelled my dirtvision subscription because it was like watching the same race week in week out with the Rocket House Car winning all the time.

Rumor is owner didn’t get lease renewed. So ad on that site is most likely wrong

It’s streaming on FLO Racing now.

Meaning the races on June 4 won’t happen???

That’s what it is looking like. ASCOC didn’t go there because the lease never happened. Also rumor to be a solar panel farm. Not kidding

Ouch! And my buddies got excited when I sent out the email last night. LOFL.

They never changed their website. Too bad. I saw it advertised then found out the real story. Sucks got you guys. Search around for another


Tyler Courtney is running some late model events this year too, including the Eldora million.

Yep. And Kyle Larson is not because he is attending a wedding. Do you know Tyler?

Nope, just saw his car in your picture.

I’ve seen Dylan Westbrook a bunch of times, he used to race 360s at Ohsweken, which is more my neck of the woods. I just saw him hot lapping there on FLO.

I didnt know that, hopefully they find someone for the Rumley car. Tim McCreadie drove it a couple times before Larson took it over.

I had no idea there was a dirt track anywhere near Chicago. Google Santa Fe Speedway. That is the track I went to when I was in high school/college. It is all million dollar homes now.

Even the WOO late model schedule show dirt oval. But it won’t be happening. Not sure about the June 3 race

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Anyone watching the race?

Yup. Larson just about wrecked.

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Good save

Think the wall saved him actually

Something interesting they showed earlier. I think it was Reddick who had a right rear down and the left front of the car was in the air in the way back to the pits. Never seen that on these cars before.

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