Official 2022 Nascar season thread

Denny just took it up the ass

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23 has been strong today.
The Kurt connection is about to start paying off for him.

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Im ok with that non competitive finish. This sport is better with Harvick in the playoffs.


As much as I have disliked Harvick in the past it was cool seeing a 15th unique winner. If it comes down to points I hope Blaney gets in, he won the All Star race. But I dont see it coming down to points. Truex, Blaney, Bubba, Austin Dillion, Erik Jones, hell even Almirola have shown speed, and could win one of these races, and Daytona anyone could win.


i agree, i think there will be another winner and points guy will be left out.

anyone going? Ill be there friday afternoon.

An old Richmond race is on now.
It looked so much like any local track back then.

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Which channel?

FS1, I am on it

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I could have added that!

Aww man Kow Patty in 4th

They are playing bumper cars vs what they do today

Watching on Flo

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should be a stacked house again. lots of money up for grabs.

That chick killed that NA…thats how it should be sung…no stupid runs

When has the top qualifier won a race? It’s like it doesn’t even matter.

Happened 5 times this year if you include Pocono. Reddick was the last at Indy.

Ive noticed qualy doesn’t mean shit i NASCAR

Shit…maybe it does!

Probably means much more on a road course

They lead from the green to checkers?

In DLM racing these days, almost everything single race is won from the first row from beginning to end.