Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

Well we know he wasn’t stealing books!

Save his soul, Russ.


Only if he was one gods chosen people he would be all set.

The only interesting thing about schedule release is finding out how many times your team is on national TV, and if its a warm weather/dome team, whether they’re gonna have to play on the road somewhere cold in the winter.

Raiders official leak.


The most athletic thing this guy has ever done is walk up a flight of stairs

Packers at Vikings and Broncos at Seahawks.

Pats and Bucs

“I can’t escape Detroit?!”

-Quandre Diggs

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I’m going to go out on a limb & say that the Cowboys & Lion’s will be playing at home this year.

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Week 8 bye. Raiders on week 18. Could be some fireworks for that one.

Lmfao he’s such a Goof :joy::joy:

Jameis eatin 4 W’s in September!



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Lol someone said it best.

Winston talks like hes doing an impression of Jimmy Kimmel doing an impression of Karl Malone.


Falcons new #1 WR!!!

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