Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

You and your Bryan Edwards love.

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At this point its more of a parody then anything for me. I like his talents and hes only 23yo but he has not really grown much since coming into the NFL.

If you are not getting better then others are passing you by.

His breakout age of 17yo was elite. He was better at 17yo then many college WRs at 20yo. Issue is the gap between him and others decreased.

Hes still the same age at Christian Watson-Jalen Tolbert-Calvin Austin so hes still got time but its running out.

After seeing more details being reported this looks like the Falcons won this trade.

Raiders Give:

B. Edwards
2023 7th

Falcons Give:

2023 5th

Unless we are missing something like Edwards does not work hard (which would explain his lack of grown) or hes bad in the lockerroom this seems dumb by the Raiders. They wanna compete now so why give away a young and cheap WR + a 7th for a 5th?

We signed a few receivers including Keelan Cole a couple of days ago.

Cole is a JAG. If Cole was enough to make them move Edwards at a lost then that reflects poorly on the Raiders self evaluation. Most of all considering Cole most likely is gonna be making more then Edwards

Atlanta are doing their best to absolutely not crater to 1-16 in their first year without Matty Ice.

We signed DeMarcus Robinson & Mack Hollins also.Are these guys any good?

Remember that we got Adams also.

Both are JAGs aswell. Robinson has not really lived up to his talents aswell.

I give up.What is a JAG?

just a guy

When talking sports

Just - A - Guy

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Alright thanks.

Other terms that mean pretty much the same thing is.

Warm body (Replacement player for Starter who is a major drop off in talent)

Camp body (Player you bring into camp to give reps to to preserve a starter or a player to beat on instead of a valued player)

These are guys who dont do great at anything and are like entry level people in some way.

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That’s alright we got Devante Adams & Hunter Renfrow.

And Waller.

Still its a drop off in talent who was cheaper most likely then the guys they brought in. Paying for a decline is not smart.

Edwards has not been great but for a 5th option (putting him behind Jacobs) hes pretty good when you look around the league and see what others have.

The AFC West is now the best division in football.I don’t know about the Chiefs or Chargers,but we have got 5 prime time games & the Broncos have 7.

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