Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

Well you atleast have to admit his chances of being the number 1 is better there then in LV lol.

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Edwards looked great in camp that’s when he made some spectacular catches but during the season he has disappeared, once we lost Ruggs and for some Waller.

That was his chance to step up he has 1-2 really solid games but often he disappeared he couldn’t get separation Zay Jones & Desean Jackson stepped up when Edwards disappeared.

While I’m not happy about the trade and felt he should have been given half to season to see what growth he could add with the new coaching staff and with Davante in the locker room.

But WR coach Edgar Bennett was one of the few returning coaches from Gruden staff and sounds like he signed off on the trade felt a change of scenery would help Edwards.

That’s a given with his familiarly with Mariota being there.

If this is a trade to do him a favor then I can get it but this aint doing the Raiders any favors.

I didnt give this video a shot because it started slow but boy was I wrong. They shit on teams.

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Yup, some good roasts in there.

The Cleveland dig was hilarious.

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Listening to local Raiders radio in Vegas Edwards was struggling with the new offensive playbook along with the staff saw him having less targets on the offense TE Foster Moreau has jumped him in front of being targeted for the scheme.

Let 'em believe that.

Lol what? Ofcourse they should be the favorite right now over KC and everyone

Or atleast a 50/50.

This is eyebrow raising since his weight and conditioning has been in question.

He is not looking good lol.

lol how did this not raise any red flags

Do you want red flags raised?

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2 years later, 0-fer.

That’s pathetic