Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

A look into how the NFL Schedule is made. As the saying goes “The NFL is a business first. Its a sporting league second.”. Really it should be called the NFB.

The top 3(4) things that determined the schedule/prime time games are.

  1. Brady
  2. Rodgers
  3. Dallas
  4. Whoever the current champ is if they are in a good market

They did an AMA on Reddit a few years ago. It was pretty interesting.

That would be interesting to ready.

Chiefs 3rd or possibly last in their division

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Yikes. Jackson is beyong help.

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Well, shit.

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If they only had a quarterback

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That’s more reps for Karlaftis at DE. Something tells me that Kaindoh is not going to be making an impact. I do think Danna is progressing. We will see.

I thought he was ok


Feels like salary for some positions is getting out of control but that might just be me. Gotta be close to over 50% of the salary cap if not more to have a good qb, db, edge, and tackle these days.

Edit: add in a high lvl wr and you could be closer to $150mil of your cap. Probably unrealistic to have top tier players signed long term at all those spots anyways though.

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Diggs about to give up 2000 yards.

And get 10 picks.


I expect to hear about an Orlando Brown Jr. extension soon. Surely they won’t think of trading him…they wouldn’t get much in return and it would shake up the offensive line. It would make me wonder who’s playing LT, Thuney? Ok, well he’s gonna be fine, but then who’s playing LG? Allegretti? That’s a significant step down from Thuney. And you possibly have a rookie trying to start at RT, that makes a solid line questionable. They didn’t sign Ingram, so they pretty much have to sign Brown at this point…right?

What’s better, giving up godly amout of yards but getting a handful of picks? Or getting no picks and not giving up 2000 yards and multiple touchdowns.

The interceptions he gets arent’ that impressive when you consider how many yards and TDs he also gives up.

I bet lots or corners in the league would get as many picks if they also didn’t care about how many 70 yards TDS they give up

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