Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

Diggs had one of the most overrated seasons in history last year lol

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He gets a lot of Ints, but he’s the opposite of a shut down corner

I wonder what portion of it can be blamed on the DC though.

Like if you know you have a corner that plays like that, would you not design help?

Ints are not a very predictive stat. Its rare to see someone care form season to season a high INT total.

Its safe to assume Diggs is gonna be no different. Hes not gonna have 10+ ints year after year as no one ever has. Hes gonna regress there at some point and it most likely will be this year.

Will he stop giving up big yards totals? I doubt it. So that should answer your question. Give me a more predictive player and you can better plan around it.

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What are you talking about…didnt you hear that Dan Quinn was amazing last year?

Did you not see him sticking to his same game plan over and over? I mean thats what great DCs do. They remain unflexable and keep doing the same thing.

Looks like White needs to go back to college.


What a shitcunt.

Marcus Peters is Oakland in human form.

What the fuck does that mean?

Not sure how to caucasianize that sentence.

Dude always getting a job somewhere.

Dion is livid.

Peters sounds just like his cousin Marshawn Lynch, if you want real ghetto talk just listen to Frank Gore hearing talk you know he is from Coral Gables.

Exactly… Peters and Lynch are super Oakland…

Fucking Peters was wearing a goddamn beanie doing pool rehab lol


That’s horrible. Hopefully he has a good recovery

fuck man, thats the achilles…happened to me. crazy

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That fucking sucks for him. I think you are right as I think we can actually hear that pop. If so thats the Achilles.

Also, that’s his career. Brutal.

That’s what it looks like. I hope he managed his money well.