Official: 2022 NFL Off-Season Thread

Ironically, the sour milk suite was only the second worst smelling section in that stadium.

We cant forget the raw sewage seats.

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I saw Dan Snyder punch a baby seal once

damnit… we’re that much closer to another Manning in the league

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“Joe, Archie Manning is the Helio Gracie of Quarterbacks!”

Damn. I was hoping he would be smart and go to Miami.

Lol that was never gonna happen but a man can hope.

Hope he’s great so Coop can get some of his shine.

Nm. Maybe BS

Good God, that kid was born a year after I graduated high school.

Quick! Someone get grandpa my walker and some Geritol before I ass blast my lift chair again.

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Season 3 Lol GIF by The Office


C’mon guys, he meant top 3 receiver On the steelers


frankly the fact that the 49ers made the NFC title game and had the 5th ranked offense (by DVOA, they were 8th in EPA) despite having a QB that was unable to throw more than 15 yards downfield is a testament to Shanahan’s ability to call plays


Who was the retard on SF who dropped the easiest interception in NFL history in the playoffs against the Rams? That would have ended the game. I bet that dude still feels like a piece of shit human being

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Tartt ^^^

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i don’t know why everyone acts like him intercepting that pass would have won the game for SF

the dropped INT occurred with 9:55 left in the 4th quarter and the 49ers were up by 3. it’s not like it was on the final drive and SF could have just run out the clock.

at that point in the game - 10 mins left in the 4th - the Rams’ defensive line was overwhelming the 49ers’ front, and Garoppolo was completely unable to move the ball as a result.

even if Tartt had caught the deep ball, i feel pretty confident SF would have gone 3 and out and punted. so the Rams would have gotten the ball back with time for multiple drives to get 3 points

it was a fuck up by Tartt no doubt, but the real blame for the game lies on the offensive line and on Jimmy

I remembered it wrong then I thought it was the final drive and somewhere around the 2 minute warning

a lot of people remember it that way. i’ve had a few fans tell me it was around the 2 minute warning, but it was early in the 4th quarter with about 10 mins left

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Dont let him fool you…that was a back breaker

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