Official: 2022 NFL Season Thread

NFL season is just 10 days out with all cuts due tomorrow, get in talk rep your team…talk some shit throughout the season I will be posting all the latest news & notes.


Back at it like a crack addict


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Notable Roster Cuts Thus Far.

RB Sony Michel

LB Tyrell Adams
WR Laquon Treadwell.

P Brett Kern
S Adrian Colbert

SS Jaquiski Tartt

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Broncos coming in hot this season!

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Bear Down !

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Don’t let Crowbar see this thread


Just put him on ignore, he tried his best to ruin the other thread.

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Is that Stafford laughing at a woman falling off a platform, after he retires and gets fat?

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They’re predicting the Big Ben-less Steelers to win the division?

I don’t see that happening at all. I’ve got both the Ravens and the Bengals ahead of them, and would put the Browns over them too if the molester were not suspended for half the season. They’re going miss Big Ben bigly, even the old and decrepit version of him.

Meanwhile, I expect a solid bounce-back from the Ravens as Lamar Jackson bounces back from an awful year, incremental improvement from the conference champion Bengals with the addition of much needed OL reinforcements, and surprisingly plucky play from the Browns, who might have the most talented top-to-bottom roster in the division when their newly acquired QB takes the field.

It’s voted on by fans so I guess Steelers fans just came out in numbers lol

I’ll take Cincy winning the division and Baltimore in second place

yup steelers are gonna be butt this year