Official 2022 World Cup Thread

What do they do if all tie breakers are the same for 2nd place, coin flip?

Bale needs to get chances. I wonder if Dan James starts on Tuesday.

Iran v Wales HLs

Isn’t total goals scored the next tie breaker?

What are the tiebreakers for the group stage at the World Cup?

If two or more teams have an equal number of points after the conclusion of group stage matches, FIFA will use the following tiebreakers to determine which nations advance:

  • Goal differential – the team with the higher goal differential (total goals scored minus total goals allowed) will have the higher ranking
  • Number of goals scored – If multiple teams have the same number of points and equal goal differential, the team with more goals scored will be given a higher ranking than the lesser-scoring team

If two or more teams are still “tied” after applying these tiebreakers, FIFA moves on to a second round of tiebreakers:

  • Greatest number of points obtained in group matches between the teams concerned
  • Superior goal difference resulting from the group matches between the team concerned
  • Greatest number of goals scored in all matches between the teams concerned
  • Highest team conduct score – team conduct score is based on the number of yellow and red cards a team has obtained. The team with the highest team conduct score will receive the higher ranking.
    • Yellow Card: Minus one point
    • Indirect Red Card (acquired via two yellow cards): Minus three points
    • Direct Red Card: Minus four points
    • Yellow Card and Direct Red Card: Minus five points

A win against Qatar should only count as half a point

Actually, i should have said even if we don’t get full points today against England, the goals dif very much still a factor on final group matches.

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So say we lose 2-0 to England, then we go into the final game exact same as wales, 1 point with a -2 goal diff. Say we both win our respective final games 1-0, what’s the next tie breaker? England would be top with 6, but we’d be tied with Wales at 4 and same goal diff and goals scored

Wayne Glamcock posted a few above.

It would come down to who has more yellow cards I believe, which is insane lol

Wales has a direct red card right now. -4 POINTS just right there.


The “team conduct” tiebreaker or “fair play” tiebreaker was first used at the 2018 World Cup – Japan and Senegal stood equal after all other tiebreakers were applied but Senegal had more yellow cards and was subsequently eliminated. Japan advanced to the Round of 16.

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Just have them do a pk shootout at that point, who would argue

  • Greatest number of goals scored in all matches between the teams concerned

Can anyone clarify this one.
They aren’t looking at the entire history of the 2 sides ever played are they? Otherwise isnt that the same as straight goal difference?

But yeah, I guess there does need to be some incentive to not accumulate cards

seems that way doesn’t it?

redoes the initial criteria but then just between the teams involved… I guess it matters when three or all four teams are tied (if that is possible)?

Team A - 3W
Team B C D - 2 draws, 1L

or all teams 3 Draws

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Netherlands vs Ecuador? What are the predictions?
And also if still someone doesn’t know, it is very easy to stream World Cup with the firestick now https://www.firе Really looking forward for tomorrow’s games.

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Right right. Drop the goals from the squad that got through on match points.

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too early for the Dutch to disappoint

NL 1 - ECU 0

And if all teams draw all 3 matches , all with the same amount of cautions , then they probably would have a coin toss…

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