Official 2022 World Cup Thread

ECU going for broke. I love it.

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A draw virtually guarantees them through

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Pro Ecuador crowd, lol

some good officiating this tournament where they just let them flop around as the play goes on. amazing how quickly they heal when the play moves


Can’t watch this one , hoping for the yanks to beat the English later, would be fuckin great

They would still need to draw or beat Senegal.

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I hope you’re right. Hope England batter them tonight tho, I’m afraid.

Probable no, possible yes. We have hope, Come on Wales!!

No Reyna in starting lineup. WTF???

He is arguably the top USA player

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Gotta agree with that

Yeah this is shaping up to be the top controversy for us this World Cup…wtf is going on with him???

Supposedly GGG was asked if Reyna was healthy last game and he said yes, so he is not hurt supposedly.

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Josh Sergeant is fucking garbage.

Berhalter has gotta go after this cup ends

Where are you seeing the lineup posted?

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Maybe but we seem to like starting defensive and pushing for the win at the end. Bale’s explosive but gettin on now, you’re right tho get him the chances for the best chance of scoring, there are other goals in the team tho

No Reyna and Haji starting instead of Sargent supposedly.

Another WTF

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Qatar first out if this ends in a draw

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Again, where are lineups at?

Rumors but leaks from this live YouTube stream

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