Official 49er fan thread

I wonder if Sherman will rethink his decision and take a smaller pay to stay with the Niners? Obviously his worth isn’t what other teams think it is.

i’d like to see him play safety

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I saw him whiff on a few tackles last year. He was avoiding contact. I can’t see him playing S because he doesn’t have that killer instincts. Just my opinion

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I like Sherman as a locker room presence and player/coach.

If we can get that for a bargain, I’m all for it.
Maybe he can play in specific coverages that he is most comfortable with.

Would also be great to see him get a ring with The Niners.

Probably won’t happen though.

Several years ago I would never have imagined myself posting this.

Life is funny.



yeah i can see what you mean. i wonder if putting him as a ballhawking FS would ameliorate that though. let him use his field smarts and ballskills to roam the backend and see what happens

Yeah… his awareness might make up for any lack of physicality, if there is something to that.

I personally haven’t seen it.
Always saw Sherman as a good tackler.

But then again, I wasn’t paying as close attention as usual last season.

yeah i don’t think he is an unwilling tackler like Deion was or anything. but he did miss some tackles last season so i get what Barry Bonds was saying. i think it was more a product of him being a step slower and taking some bad angles versus him being unwilling to hit though

Schefter says niners 100% taking Mac Jones

Don’t do it kyle none of us want Jones

i kinda like Mac tbh

i’ve liked him all season

Don’t do it kyle only dizz wants Mac Jones :wink:


Im fine with Jones or Fields. Would rather not get Lance but I’ve yet to be correct on a QB I think.

Bro…watch the tape…he’s basically Tom Brady

Unless this is the greatest smokescreen ever…which it’s not because the top 2 picks are settled

It looks like Dizz is going to get his way…either he’s going to say “see I told you so” or he’s gonna have to eat his hat

4 1st rounders tho…eeeessshhh…idk man

i actually don’t think we’re going to take Mac

i like him but if you put a gun to my head i’d say we’re taking Lance. maybe Fields. but for some reason i’m getting a gut feeling about Lance

Lance is the project of the group but with Jimmy being here there’s no better spot for him to learn. That said he’s has the most tools out of all of them to be great and thats why he’s so valued. He has a shot at being the best out of the group just based on talent alone

seems like he has the the lowest floor and maybe the highest ceiling

I like that gut feeling