Official 49er fan thread

Idiotic to not stretch. Such a simple thing to help prevent ACL tears. I expect more injuries to come then unless they change their stretching policy.

For sure bro

By week 5 we’ll be down to our third stringers

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Wtf is wrong with our team??? They need new S&C coaches.


now we know why they signed another safety. I’m not so sure skule was going to make the 53 man roster. hopefully these guys can stay healthy.

We overhauled our S&C coaches before the 2019 season. So I don’t think it’s the training.

I can only presume we are cursed since leaving Candlestick

I think it’s all about primadonna players not showing up ready to go.

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We’ve been way too consistent with the injuries, there needs to be a deep dive from the management/owners as to why this is happening.

S&C department was overhauled but still we have the same issues, something is really wrong…


feels like Jauan Jennings is this years Vance McDonald aka camp beast

Niners have been fixing some mechanics in Trey’s game.


Trey should do well. My biggest worry about a dual threat/athletic qb is sometimes they don’t grasp the X’s and O’s. From all accounts trey is a huge football nerd.

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Biggest worry is injury.

Trey has an ARM. The ball jumps out fast.

Question for my fellow Niner fans. With all the talk about Lance potentially beating out Jimmy, which would you prefer.

  1. 10-6 with Jimmy and we lose the NFC title game
  2. 8-8 with Lance and missing the playoffs or losing in first WC round?

Lance is the superior talent, athletic wise, but many QBs have said how hard Shanny’s system can be to grasp. Even Matt Ryan took him 2 years to really understand it. So do you go with the more athletic upside that may cost you a few games and possibly the playoffs due to inexperience…or the not so flashy vet that can probably take you farther THIS season

habs are going to the stanley cup finals, motherfuckers!! lets goooooo

Whomever can win us a SB. Both scenarios are the same to me because we didn’t win the SB in either.