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don’t think it was cte. wife said he drank a bottle of hennessey and vodka. he was trashed. could be having marital problems, could be struggling with the fact he’s still unsigned despite his desire to play and decorated past. whatever it was blew up that night and he made some poor choices that got him thrown in jail. it’s unfortunate. it may have effectively ended his playing career. not to mention the tension this puts on his family. thankfully no one was seriously hurt. it could’ve ended up a lot worse.

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I see CTE is going to be the go to excuse everytime one of these assholes gets arrested now?


if he downed two bottles of booze i have to think he’s been on the sauce for a while now

you can’t drink that much alcohol without passing out or fuckin dying unless you’re a serious drinker

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I think she said he was drinking all day and the incident happened after 1 AM, so he had a while. but, you’re right, that’s a lot of booze. I have to listen to the call again. I wonder how much of the night he remembers. had to be black out drunk.

It’s something that’s affected players since HS unfortunately.

He could be a functioning alcoholic. We don’t know the history of substance abuse in the family. Could be hereditary.

Since he’s been in the league he’s only gotten In trouble for pills.

I hope he gets the help he needs.

I hope he does too…the suicide talk is a scream for help…but we don’t know there guys…who knows what’s really going on.

Just gets old everytime a football player gets busted it’s because of CTE

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Having a dad that was bi polar I’m empathetic to mental illness. Unfortunately it’s very serious and affects millions. Our brains aren’t made to take blows that football players, and combat sports athletes experience etc. I love football obviously and I hope they can figure out ways to help prevent brain damage. But I’m not gonna let my love for football make me selfish and not care for these guys health.

I doubt it’s a coincidence this happens while he’s struggling to find a roster spot.

Rapoport reported he’s been having issues for the last few months and friends have flown out in an effort to create a support system.

An ego as big as Sherman’s suddenly having its purpose and whole identity potentially ripped away before it’s ready could lead to all kinds of self-destructive behaviors. You turn to booze to help soothe the turmoil, and the next thing you know it’s out of control.

Drinking all day on Tuesday, and having enough tolerance to consume two entire bottles of hard liquor (assuming they’re at least 5ths) without becoming comatose points to some heavy tolerance for the sauce. Alcoholism alone can shift someone’s entire personality, so yeah, hopefully he realizes the extent of his problems and gets professional help.

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this was my assumption as well.

Yea that could be a good reasoning as well

Video of Sherman trying to break down his father in laws door. After he walks off I was hoping he would of pulled a Jim Carrey in The Cableguy and come running back to break the door down lol.

Seriously sad stuff with Sherm… I definitely think his ego of once being the best CB in the league and now at 33 he’s considered to old to play has to be mentally fucking with him. Before all this I was hoping he would be able to come back on a team friendly deal but now he’s ended any chance. Hope he gets the help he needs. Very sad


Report: Fred Warner, 49ers Agree to 5-Year Contract Worth over $95M: Highest Paid ILB


i’m glad we locked him up before Leonard and Roquan Smith got paid. he’s the QB of our defense and one of the 2 or 3 best ILBs in football so i’m pumped to have him for the long term

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great news.

Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp has died from injuries suffered when he was struck by a car while riding a bicycle last Saturday near his home in California. He was 58.

Knapp played for three NFL teams, and coached seven NFL teams over 27 seasons. New York Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp dies from injuries suffered when hit by car while biking


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I’m glad we locked up Fred. I’m excited for this season.


I’m super stoked we locked in the BEST ILB in the league. There’s Fred Warner and then there’s everyone else. It’s that simple. Looking forward to the season and this thread to heat up again soon. Crazy when this thread dies in the summer haha

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