Official best bets w/spread

The rules are simple. Pick 3 games/ over unders to bet on and do it before the games start. I will start this off this year.

Philly -4

Baltimore -3

Oak Bucs over 34.5 (This looks like an under on paper so im going against the grain and saying over)

Who is next?

3 for 3 and nobody shows any love.

theres caleb always looking for a handout, jk. what site do u get your spreads from?

I get them from is also where I bet. I betting big on the Ravens tonight I hope they pull it out. I dont look for handouts im a republican like yourself.

i didnt bet this week cause i didnt like the spreads thats also why i didnt do a "best bets" thread. looks like you lost on the ravens game, KC had to win to have any shot at the playoffs and they still have a ton of talent so i wouldnt have bet against them this week.

That was from 2 weeks ago. I won all of those picks.