Official Big Brother 2021 thread (no spoilers)

Frenchie had a chance to get off to a great start but blew it by playing like a complete retard. He is absolutely fucked.

Yea he deserves to go

So wierd. Frenchie went from being my immediate favorite, to probably the worst player I’ve ever seen in the matter of an episode. Dude literally promised safety to 90% of the house, and then got jacked by the wrong ppl winning comps.

I’m now rooting for Sarah. She’s nerdy and quiet enough to fly under the radar, and smart enough to play a good game. She also got some nice fun bags :slight_smile:

Claire is good and so is Kylen.

I’ll be curious to see how Xavier handles this week. He could be good too. I just hope he doesn’t get cocky.

Subbed. Haven’t started watching yet.

He’s by far the worst player to ever win HOH in the first few weeks. He completely blew his HOH, blew his credibility and overall made a fool of himself. He was too woke for his own good.