Official Big Brother 2022 Summer thread

Scumbag Michael got served some Karma. His bitch ass was booted during the double. It’s worth a watch. Very satisfying based on his actions.

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Meanwhile, Terrance suggested the three remaining POC form an alliance, hoping to guarantee another POC win the season. Also, Taylor has said she will not be responsible for evicting a POC, especially a “black woman.” Neither of them caught any grief for these blatantly racist statements.

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LOL of course they didn’t

Monty needs to tell Turner that Taylor is gunning for him. Drive the wedge in there and ensure they’re gunning for each other not looking at him. Britney is no threat to win those two are.

Michael went total faggot I thought he was going to be a decent dude and he was for most of his time on the show. Then he went full fuckstain shit head. And what’s really tucked is Kyle basically having to beg the jury house for forgiveness for nothing. All he did was ask if it could be a thing and it’s a legit question and faggot went and twisted it to him being a racist. What a fucking douche canoe.


Well of course Kyle was the only straight white male left in the house so they had to shame him for something.


Man what a way to go out! Total bitch mode! He even told Julie it was the smart game move. How can you be pissed? He even got to compete in the veto.

Not sure anyone is still watching. It was so cringey Britanni explaining to Monti why he needs to get rid of Turner.

Well she’s got to try something as she knows he’s voting her out.

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Shes not wrong Turner will beat him

What was also funny was how Britney before and after being sent packing is how she was talking about what a dangerous player he was.

Funnier seeing her get pissed off at Michael for what he said when he was on the block. Bitch, he was trying to stay in the game and was carrying your useless ass.

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If I were in that house I would try to take Britney with me to the end and just state the obvious. She just road Michael’s coat tails for so long that once Michael left she wasn’t a threat to win.

The most deserving person is Turner but after the ridiculous bullshit with Kyle I’ve lost most my interest.

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Too many women in the jury who would vote for her just because she’s a woman.

Possibly, but Monty has a pretty strong case for winning.

I’d vote Turner, he made the biggest moves

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Turner is the most deserving to win. He won’t though.

Yep they’ll vote his cracker ass out.
I predict Taylor will win

Taylor looked very bangable when she was in the HoH bathtub last night.