Official College Football Thread 2023 - 2024

This will now and forever be the mega thread for College Football. CFB is the greatest team sport in the world and the NCAAF is the best league in the world


U of A national champions, take it to the bank

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Go Green. Go white.

Hopefully they bounce back this year. Mel’s first full year was a surprising 9-3 season with a Bowl win. We wont talk about last season though

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Can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s good to have you here Spjackson

Still hate your guts though


go away gtfo GIF


@AOC_For_Me :fu:t2:

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@Barry_BondsMVP :fu:t2:

I know lol.

This season is going to be wide open I think

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Nah MSU is gonna win it all pretty handily

I did two months of training in Tuscan. Love that town.

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Now that it’s official, I’m in.

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Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC

In. Thanks for the thread, Homie.

from a friend who attended the reigning champs’ practice last Tuesday, Brock Vandergriff and Carson Beck both looked really good. Legit battle brewing. Plus with 5-star Stockton, someone has to transfer.

There’s a lot to discuss. Teams I’m curious about heading into the season:

Auburn- will there be visible improvement and course correction under Freeze in year one?

South Carolina- is Beamer building a competitor in the East?

UNC- can the end-product match the recruiting or does it already?

aTm - will @Matrix be happy to go 5-7?

Texas- does Arch beat out Ewers?

Clemson- how bad do they beat Bama in the title game?

Edit: how many minutes into the first LSU game will it before my wife gets sick of my criticism and makes me go downstairs to watch it?


Great college town, and great retirement town. Still go back once a year or so to visit


I think Quinn will get the start

Go fuck yourselves


What happened to that QB a few years ago that was supposed to he Heisman front runner only to take a massive shit in the bed?

Khalil Tate? yeah they tried to turn him into a strictly pocket passer instead of letting him use his legs. Shocking how that failed