Official Detroit Lions 2022/23 + Hard Knocks

I’m on the fence since unless Goff has a GREAT year (he played a lot better once Anthony Lynn was demoted), they should grab a QB 1st in the next draft.

The lions can run and have a stacked Oline.

They might not be starting guys off the street at WR either.

I think they can win the division even with Goff.

He doesn’t have to be great IMO. He’s mediocre at best.

Their Oline should be great.

If the new guy pans out, the Dline will be much better than last year.

The rookie WR from last started putting it together at the end.

If the new WR from Alabama can step in and make some plays, they’re going to be way better at that position that last year.

Being really good at those three positions will get them 6 or 7 wins easy IMO.

Lions can actually win the NFC Central just by Goff being mediocre.

Lions coach and GM are doing it right.

They’re sticking with a mediocre QB while they build the team from the inside out.

If the Oline and Dline can’t do their job, a new QB will just get demoralized.

Until they win another playoff game in my lifetime, I’m not drinking the kool-aid.

People want to play for Dan Campbell, they certainly aren’t coming to detroit for the scenery and culture.

Depends. I’m setting to retire up in Michigan. I’m done with the desert. But I like that it’s not for everyone. As an outdoor guy Michigan is paradise.

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