Official Divisional Round Picks

NFL Lines Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Line Divisional Playoffs - NFL Playoff Game Lines 1/13 & 1/14, 2007

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
1/13 4:30 ET At Baltimore -4 Indianapolis 41.5
1/13 8:00 ET At New Orleans -5 Philadelphia 49
1/14 1:00 ET At Chicago -8.5 Seattle 37
1/14 4:30 ET At San Diego -4.5 New England 46.5

What picks you makin'? Why?

Also...give your predicted score for each game.

Indy at Baltimore:
I think that I am going to take the Colts. I am not yet sold on the Ravens O. I think that this is the game I am very unsure of. It could go either way, but I am picking the Colts 14-10

Seattle at Chicago:
I would love for the Saints to win vs the Eagles and the Bears to be upset here so that I can go to the NFC Champ game, but I was not impressed at all by Seattle, so I am taking the Bears 21-10

New England at San Diego:
I think that the emphasis is to stop LT, can the Pats do it? Not 100% sure, but I think Rivers needs to play well for SD to win. I am taking the Chargers.28-21

Philly at New Orleans:
Here it is. The biggest game in the Dome in quite some time. I think that Philly is coming off a big win, but Lito Sheppard is out. A pro Bowl corner out trying to stop the number 1 offense in the league. Coach Payton has his crosshairs set on Hood and will challenge him frequently. The Saints D is underrated, and they are 2nd in Pass D and the addition oh Hollis Thomas will help out on Westbrook.
Saints win 31-21

Colts at Ravens

Colts are 0-4 in their last 4 road games. Manning has some diffiulty with aggressive 3-4 defenses. Expect a lot of quick short passes to the Colts WRs, followed by a pump fake and long ball on Samari Rolle. McNair struggles in the rain and snow, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow -- not good for Ravens. Nonetheless, the Colts run D is God-awful (don't be fooled by last week's performance AT HOME against an incompetent KC coaching effort). Jamal Lewis will soften them up, and then Todd Heap (provided McNair can get him the wet ball) should have a field day over the Colts' short safeties and undersized linebackers.

Indy 20
Baltimore 24

Eagles at Saints

Philly's D is playing well lately but they run into a buzzsaw w/ Brees & Co. I actually like the Saints big in this game.

New Orleans 30
Philly 13

Seahawks at Bears

Basically the same reasons Alco Hauler mentioned above, but throw in 2 more field goals by Robbie Gould.

Chicago 20
Seattle 13

Pats at Chargers

The Chargers are exponentially more talented than the Pats this season but have a coach with a reputation as a playoff choker. NE is really REALLY going to miss Rodney Harrison. I'm not as sold on NE's defense as most other people. Bellicheck is smart, and Brady keeps it close, but the Chargers pull away in the 4th. Expect a big day from Antonio Gates.

San Diego 31
New England 17

Indy at Baltimore:  Interesting matchup.  Just your classic outstanding offense vs. dominating defense.  Both teams have issues on the other side of the ball.  I think Ray Lewis is able to get his team to rise to the occasion and out-tough the Colts.  Expect to see the befuddled look that Mannings get when things aren't going their way quite often.  The biggest question is who will Peyton blame when it's all over?  I like Baltimore and the points.

Ravens 24 Colts 13 

Philly at New Orleans:  Nawlins has been a great story this year and all, and I like Drew Brees and their offensive playmakers, but I don't think they pull this one off.  Philly is Hot.  Real hot.  And Garcia is just scrappy enough to roll into the dome and gut out a win.  I think it's ugly, but the inexperience of key parts of the Saints will show in this game, from the coach to Bush to a suspect D.

Eagles 27 Saints 20

Seattle at Chicago:  The Bears are playing against the world, in their eyes at least.  They've been called the worst 13-3 team of all time.  They will have something to prove.

Bears 30 Seahawks 17

New England at San Diego:  My heart is screaming CHARGERS because they were the best team in the league this year.  But then I remember Rivers' inexperience, Marty on the sidelines, and think of who they are playing - the modern day Otto Graham & Vince Lombardi.  So what will happen?  The Chargers are the more talented team, and I think they pull it off on a late Nate Kaeding (Go Hawks!) field goal.

Chargers 24 Pats 21





......not confident, but I'm going with my gut!

nice to see someone who still believes in the eagles. Everyone keeps writing them off week after week, some people said they'd choke against the Giants,lol.



I'm 0-2. Hoping I at least get the Bears game right at this point.

Shit, 2-2 so far. I ought to try out for ESPN.

I ought to try out for ESPN.

I don't know about that, but you could definitely be more accurate than Sports Illustrated.

Yeah, SI would be a breeze:)

so far im 1-1

balt lost, Saints won. tommrow Pats, hawks

In other words, you'll go 1-3 this weekend?

we shall see wont we.

Odds are in favor of me not sleeping tonight.

I watched the game. The Bears really need to play better on D when my Saints come to town.

Great game, im glad the hawks lost though. gonna be a good champ game

i went 2-2. I knew chargers would choke