Official Dynamite USA attandence

So much for the attendance record...

The California State Athletic Commission has made the attendance figures available for FEG's Dynamite USA!! show that took place this past Saturday at the LA Coliseum.

Total attendance for the show was 18,340 . The paid attendance was 3,674. The total house was approximately $2.3 million in gross receipts.

Loretta Hunt from The Fight Network reported on Mauro Ranallo's radio show earlier this week that FEG has purchased tickets from themselves (buying them at a bulk rate) and put them out on the streets to be distributed in the days leading up to the event. It looks like that number was 39,083. The number of comps (tickets that FEG didn't have to buy in order to give away) was 13,600.

The actual turnstile count (total of number of people who attended, paid and free) was 18,340 (CSAC had someone whose sole job it was on Saturday to handle tracking the number of fans entering the Coliseum).

FEG's reported number of over 50,000 in attendance was totally bogus.



So much for EvilYoshida's prediction.

3,600 paid is lower then Matt Lindland's local Portland shows.

what about PPV #s?

My guess is PPV#'s turn out less then attendance numbers. ...going off of Pride getting 30-40k in their last couple PPVs

Sherdog is saying that the total attendance now for the show is 42,757:

Thursday, June 07, 2007
by Josh Gross (

Fight Entertainment Group came to Los Angeles in hopes of fitting 100,000 people into the city's historic Memorial Coliseum.

According to the California State Athletic Commission, which on Thursday released a detailed report documenting the June 2 event's attendance, 42,757 people watched K 1 "Dynamite!! USA" inside the venerable building, more than doubling the attendance record for an MMA event in North America.

Delving deeper into the numbers reveals that 3,674 tickets were sold through the Coliseum box office or Ticketmaster, while 39,083 were handled by the promoter, FEG.

In all, the CSAC reported a paid gate of $2,545,590, of which just $203,090 came from brokers not affiliated with the promoter.

Entry into the Coliseum came through both turnstile and non-turnstile gates, and over 18,340 walked through the turnstiles. Of the 75,332 tickets printed, 13,600 were given away, according to the CSAC.

"Dynamite!! USA" replaces March 3, 2007's Ultimate Fighting Championship event at Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena, which netted a crowd of 19,079, as North America's most heavily attended MMA event.

Sherdog is either being worked or working their readers. The people who there estimated the show at around 20000-25000. The 54,000 number shouldn't come as a surprise, as promoters always up the attendance and that number is specifically for the Japanese press, so that K1 can have this aura that a Japanese show conquered America. This is nothing new and has been done for what seems like forever. Pride did the same thing, btw.

there was a BAZILLION people there!

LOL. According to that article, K-1 bought 39,000 tickets from themselves and gave them away in order to increase the ticket sales and live gate. That's hilarious, but now we may never know what the true numbers were.

DonkeyKick, so now you finally believe that they gave a ton of tickets away?

Well the place was not 20% full at any point. I find even the 18k # hard to believe

I'm so glad I didn't order the PPV.......and you guy's said the GFC sucked!

When you put on a shitty, poorly advertised card in an arena that's way too big, this is what happens.

I'm just not understanding the gate of 2.5? Is that based of FEG paying for the other 39,000?

That, and I haven't heard any expert previously say the crowd looked much more than 25000?


slapsymaxi, as far as I can tell, it's like this:

K-1 bought 39,000 tickets (valued at more than 2,000,000) from themselves and gave them away. Also, they gave away another 13,000 in comp tickets.

And still, less than 20,000 people showed up.

I was sitting in the press section and booth and there was not 39,000 there. Not even close




That's what you get for running a show in an area where people will kill you for the change in your pocket