Official Euro 2020 Thread (Soccer)

Here we go, here we go, here we go! It’s my night off tonight so I’m doing some day drinking to celebrate the tourney opening match!

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Turkey just looking not to concede here. Looking like it’ll be a 1-0 Italy.

Desperately needs a goal this game.

Brutal no call on the hand ball.

Anyone have any streams?

Decent, well organised Turkish side so happy to take that…

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Hesgoal dot com. You probably need an ad blocker!

Italy 1
Turkey 0

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Brutal for the Turkish defender. Nothing he could do about it really.

Soccer players have bodies that Raskal would admire. They are skinny but solid.

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Italy scored a second goal

Italy have looked great.

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Azzurri in great form.

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Clearly a penalty. Could have been 4-0.


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An eternity of abject failure and under performing at international tournaments and you’re heaping the blame solely on the FA and the Managers.

Yeah, I’m going to respectively disagree on this one but it did give me a laugh…

My moneys on Portugal, can see wales doing well again too.

Did they just take the knee??

Both teams did

What for?