Since every other team has one, I thought my team should, because they are gonna kick the PATS ass!!!

McNair will show why he got so many votes for MVP - The running game look much improved against a top run defense. Don't forget to mention we have Rolle in the backfield who will probably get a pick or two, and wait....#1 Run defense in the league?

Go Titans!

LOL...come on finney, the titans are going to get a butt-whoopin'...

hahah what does the #1 run defense in the league mean against the pats...who cant run the ball anyway

brady has 0 ints at home this year...good luck pickin him off

PLus, the Titans got beat up pretty good by Ray Lewis and the Ravens last week. The weather will be colder than the Titans have seen all year. I like the Pats big in this one.

You Might like the Pats big in this one, but thats not going to happen..It will be close and physical game.
McNair will be the key in this game.Is he healthy enough to play at the level he did earlier..
I picked the Titans to will the Superbowl(even though Im a 49ers fan)before the year started and im sticking with them.They have alot of experience,Talent, and great coaching.

Turnovers will be the key to this game.

Gary Anderson will kick the game winner.


One interesting note..McNair is 8-0 after comming off a game where he had three picks or more

I like New England in a low-scoring, close game.

Pats 17-13.

Attn: fintheman

Jeff Fisher talking about Steve McNair at pratice.

"It was his first time in a long time where he's had two good days of practice, which is important to us," Fisher said.

That is good news.


Great game. A few breaks either way and it could've been a different score. McNair is a warrior

total respect for mcnair...he is a tough player..but the pats had a better team

the pats need to drop daniel grahame

he fuckin sucks

Damn, only a point off; so close, yet so far.........

If the Pats had lost, Graham would've been the goat for sure. 1 fumble, 1 critical dropped 3rd down.

"but the pats had a better team"

I totally dissagree.The Titans dominated the pats every quarter besides the first...Penalties were the difference in his game.Especially on the last drive for the Titans...That holding call was cheap at best...The best team doesnt always win and that was the case today.. With that said the Pats are a good team, but not great..The only team left that can beat them now is the colts.

lol! You sound like Zach Piller!!

A "better" team has offensive players not named McNair (or Heintrich) come through in the clutch. A "better" team doesn't have Drew Bennett DROP the clutch 4th down throw from McNair. A "better" team doesn't have an OL that false starts a million times, can't block on a FG, or can't block the same blitz package 5x in a row in the clutch.

And a "better" team has defensive players come through in the clutch. A "better" team doesn't lose contain on Bethel Johnson and let a 4 yard gain turn into an 11 yard 1st down on a critical possession. A "better" team makes some big plays on D in the clutch to stop the game winning field goal. A "better" team makes some big plays when the Pats are stuck at their own 5!

That was an evenly played game. The yards turned out almost exactly the same. The Patriots just made a few more clutch plays than the Titans.

You summed it up right there.To make all those mistakes and still only loose by three points..After the first three drives of the game for the Pats, they didnt do shit..The field goal came from good field position....Like i said before I am a 49ers fan.But i must call them like i see them.

"With that said the Pats are a good team, but not great"

good teams dont go on 13 game winning streaks...good teams dont beat 'better' teams twice in the same about those excuses, oh wait, the titans had all of their players...oh but now they controlled the game, but what was it? oh yea they forgot to score...and remember every bs thing you call about how the pats were handed the game...ill remind you about Seymour's 10 yard penalty that set up a titans score or daniel grahame's fumble...or his two major dropped passes...

Better teams have more playmakers (which the Titans have over the Pats). But just as importantly, they ALSO don't make mistakes and AND they make clutch plays. In these last two categories, the Pats were superior to the Titans last night.

You don't always get beat by plays like the Bethel Johnson TD or Timmy Smith running for 200 yards. You can be beat by a team that makes plugs along and makes a few clutch plays. THat's what happened last night. That's how the Pats were 14-2, 7-0 against winning teams.

asdf, that's 8-0 now. ;) Another "co-MVP" is coming to the Razor too.

It was a good game played by two evenly matched teams. The Pats just did a little more. They rarely win pretty; most of the time it's ugly. The thing is they win. That's twice on the Titans this year too. Not too shabby.

Mother fuck

triple post. fuckin givin me a timeout error and then posting anyway.