Official Grand Opening/Ribbon cutting today

 Grang opening & Ribbon cutting today Saturday 11-14-09 10am-2pm Yucaipa Unbreakable Gym. Head east on 10 Fwy, Exit Yucaipa Blvd make a right & left on Outer Hwy. it's on the right. Can't miss it. Hope to see you there. God Bless! Brian  Warren

I've spent a share of time in Yucaipa. Good luck to your gym.


I hate your christian preaching attention whore ass but good luck with the Gym man! hopefully business goes well.

all the best.


 ttt for the unbreakable

Monsters Ball - Great news Brian! Good luck and I pray you find lots of success. You deserve it.

 Thanks man, Got some big plans for the future that will help so many people & the sport of MMA. You heard it here 1st. I want to thank  all the people that are close to me that showed up yesterday for our Official Grand Opening/ Ribbon cutting. It ment alot to me that you were there. I know some of you would of been there to support, if you did not live so far. Take Care & God Bless! Brian Warren