Official: I'm placing The Cal on @yomamma

This guy just blasted some dude in the face while I was getting food. Mumbling something about a real street fight and memory loss. Couldn’t of been any taller than 5’ 5”.


Those crocs are hard as fuck

the only reason to play WoW is pvp, which you can do alone. no need for a guild when arena teams dont get over 5 people.

they’re certantittly trying hard af to be hard af.


I want a pair and just make them my every day wear and just not make a big deal about them.

That’s attention you don’t want or need.

Gym shorts bar/beer tshirt horny crocs. That’s my new look

There you go, @Vegito_Blue

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I used to do both. I haven’t played it and years and years and years now. I used to be a game counselor for Ultima online too and PVP was definitely my jam in that game

A much better game than World of Warcraft was at its height before they Nerfed it in my opinion.

Definitely somebody I would not mess with

What did this chic look like? You scared to take a full picture?

It’s not my picture haha. I stole it off Google. It’s Rhinos matching shoe chain for his wallet. I put food because I honestly don’t know what restaurant that is.

First thing I thought when I saw you was British and Irish. You flips hate being flips so much its hilarious. Learn from the Thais & Viets who are actually proud to be who they are. I bet the minute the lab workers at 23 and me or whatever see you have majority australoid boonga blood they fabricate this shit so more of you buy this BS

Here’s our British, Irish, German Frenchman lol


Why do they delineate between the UK and Tyne and Wear which is in the North of England which is incidentally in the UK?

What a croc of chinamen bullshit, they can get something as complex as DNA right but not grade school level geography?

At least he actually flushes his toilet paper unlike you

Darren stop!


Since you have an obsession with bogans you should check out the series “housos” housos being slang for housing commission or I think in America Section 8 or projects

Its actually shot where my friend and coach grew up, im there a fair bit youll love it cause it has bogans, ethnic scum and its shot right across from our metro remand center so youll be right at home oh and the legal brothel district is walking distance from here

Here’s season 1

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Fuck yeah! What episode are you in?


All of them, my weed dealer’s place is right behind the pub actually right next to the police station lol

823 Crip!

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