Official ₿itcoin to infinity thread

From 2014.where is he now…

Grant has been coming to some Bitcoin rooms on Clubhouse and asking some questions over the last few months. He was paid in Bitcoin for a speaking engagement a long time ago and never sold it but didn’t know what he was holding so it seems he has been learning from some of the conversations there.

This is dope.

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How to secretly travel with Bitcoin using Steganography

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Can definitely relate to this lol
I’ve read 13 of these books.
All good stuff


I’ve read twilight.

It shows. :rofl:

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You’ll never understand bellas emotional journey of loving a werewolf AND a vampire!!!

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Weird choice of sinister music lol

Lol yeah seems to be the go-to music genre for videos these days. Maybe content creators think it’s like cinematic or whatever but it’s kind of too much sometimes.

Its a parody for the juxtaposition of those that understand the game should be decentralised but the reality, is both are required.

Someone finally gets me

Blockchains are war. Only the best one will win. That’s the reality. Centralized systems benefit only a few, that’s not going to change.

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People want to shit on the Maximalist point of view yet they get proved correct more and more as time goes on. When will the rest learn the lessons?

These people are called scammers for valid reasons. Stop listening to them:

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