Official ₿itcoin to infinity thread

I see this fuckers face too much, someone should take him out. He was one of the most vocal “return to office” assholes in the US.


so no midterm rally? biden gonna coast into november with the market in shambles?

there has been soo godd damn many financial institutions investing in it. either all big money is retarded or btc is here to stay and is gonna keep being valued more compared to fiat until btc maintains it’s own value and fiat doesnt affect it.

it went from 5k to over 60k in a year. it makes perfect sense to revisit 5k if you believe in price action at all.

I can’t see that… I am hoping for $12k though.

Could be one of the best opportunities in the next year to build wealth.

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i have buy orders at 12.5k. everyone said they wouldnt see 25k. then 20k. then 17.5k.

im very bullish and gonna dca the fuck outta this regardless but it’s insanely fast rise demanded a correction and sometimes shit overcorrects before it re (over)corrects.

think of a rubber band. the harder it’s pulled the more bounce baby.

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Have we closed below 20k on the monthly yet?

High 19s back in June. There are still 6 days to go for the current month.

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There’s only one way it hits 5K, a major worldwide event, like the pandemic, another global financial collapse or major world war. Aside from that it’s going to maintain its current levels, maybe a few dips, but the buy pressure at this level is too much for it to dip to 5K unless some black swan event comes along. Which could happen, for sure but I wouldn’t bank on it.

I doubt 5k. 12.5k is conceptual though.

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Where can you buy BTC with limit orders, like stocks? I want to do the same

Basically any exchange

Cash app and most exchanges

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I think global war will increase BTC value

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I didn’t think I could be more bullish on Bitcoin but these people never cease to amaze me how broken the global economy is. Money printer is getting warmed up once again in the UK.

This is a joke obviously but it slaps pretty hard.