Official ₿itcoin to infinity thread

It’s pretty evident you are the one talking out of school here. I know very well what I’m talking about. I get it, you think somehow the government is going to come after Bitcoin. I’m no stranger to this. I’m friends with people that were close to Bill Cooper, I know what the government is capable of. I don’t even necessarily disagree with that. In fact they already are fighting it, just with propaganda and funding projects that undermine it (with crypto, and environmental groups). They don’t control it, just by purchasing it and they likely own about 1-2% of the supply from different arrests where people gave up their keys. But the fact is they don’t control the protocol, no matter how much they buy.

Harvard paper to central banks: Buy Bitcoin!

Here’s the paper:

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And people are worried about 50k or 15k… think long term, low time preference wealth building. Not get rich quick casino gambling.


If Genesis can’t get coverage…

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No one cares about all price action or all the FUD, devs and building just keep it moving


Great quick read…

Finally…. Tether collapse as I have always called out may be happening


I talk to this dude often on Clubhouse too. One of the best Bitcoin artists out there.

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Maybe you’re worried about it.

This is me.



All of these lefty money laundering schemes are going down

lol “Vladimir Putin Created Bitcoin To Crush The US Dollar” (Dan Pena Explains) - YouTube


Lol… if Putin was behind BTC I’d be maxing out credit cards to buy it.

Should i empty out my bank account yet?

Or should i wait for 12,000

Wait for the tether implosion