Official ₿itcoin to infinity thread

Why do say that? I’m sure it’s got something to do with the way Strike works. I think the whole point to be able to use the Bitcoin Lightning network to send the transactions fast and without the need for an exchange. And less risk of other third party issues and people falling into shitcoining their hard earned money.
If there was a way to do it without stablecoins I’m sure they would do it.

is anyone running their own node? If so can you explain what hardware youre using (node + wallet) and just educate me on the topic/process ? Thanks

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honestly, i would just youtube it and then tell you what i saw, so, ya…

Long-term holders bought 376,517 BTC over last 30 days.


I’m about to get a Lightning Node set up, here’s a link to some resources for a group I’m involved with thru Clubhouse.

What goes down, must go back up.

Really depends when we break this down trend. Might take till end of next year. And great buying opps at the end of this year

we don’t have that long sir.

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thank you!

Ninpo, just watched that vid. I initially made the post for more info after listening to a podcast on the topic. I watched the vid and then re-checked the podcast and yep - it was BTC Sessions on the podcast lol so that vid was actually exactly what I was looking for. Cant wait to set my node up

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Lol I’m in it for the long haul. I can’t wait for this to bottom out and then I’ll hodl.

If you don’t have Telegram and Clubhouse, I suggest you download them and hop into some chats. I learn more shit all the time and we have some pretty good conversations. BTC Sessions comes on sometimes too. If you still need to get an invite link for CH, I got u.

I have telegram. I see 3 clubhouse groups. One russian, one arabic, and one looks like english (there is still some russian posts) and has 9200 members. Is that the one?