Official - NASCAR 2021

Been to long since end of last season and all the switching of schedule and no fans   Hoping this season is a good one and will be interesting to see all the young guns do.  Larson now with Hendrix. Strong team.  Tony Stewart still has his big dog Harvick but lost Bowyer.  Some great dirt sprint guys representing and thinking Christopher Bell might get some front row racing time 

My body is ready 

Will be watching!  


Isnt there a dirt track race this year?!

And 20 years since Dale Earnhardt’s death 

Kirik Jr -

Isnt there a dirt track race this year?!

Bristol March 28

Watch Bubba Wallace. The Toyotas are fast, and he was the fastest in practice. He'll need another Toyota up front to help him (there are only 5 in the race).

rushinbear -
Kirik Jr -

Isnt there a dirt track race this year?!

Bristol March 28

Let’s hope the track doesn’t take one line of rubber like what you don’t ever want happening in dirt sprints 

Where da rednecks at? Oh, here dey are!

Looking forward to it starting, doe.

Weather could be an issue though


Long shot pick: Daniel Suarez

Nice prayer, flyover, nice to see traditional American sports happening. I don’t really follow nascar closely but I live in race country, but did they say Bubba and others have to start in the back row because of failed inspections. Is that considered a killer for a driver or is the assumption that hes fast enough to be in a front row and will likely get back or close again?


At Daytona, if you're not in front, you're getting lapped. 

In reality, starting in the back here doesn't matter too much as long as they go crashfree for a while. Being in back is really a blessing here so you can avoid problems. 

Amazing no NASCAR or CUP race fatalities in 20 years post Dale death. Safety features are so important now. There have been a few in dirt sprints unfortunately. 

I was going to get to drive 6 Laos around Chicagoland speedway last fall as a gift. Covid killed that. Next opportunity is fall at Michigan Speedway. They limit the rpm si max speed is about 170. Still fastest I would have ever driven

I assume they still go the pick your lane lineup after yellows?

Are they trying to avoid saying that Bubba got into that guy from behind or did I see that wrong?