Official - NASCAR 2021


I just finished the 2011 Watkins glen race that I started last night. There was some hellacious wrecks in that one!

Now I’m starting 2011 Michigan. I love this track. Theres like 4 different grooves there.

Lucas Oil Late Models at Florence tonight. Lucas Oil Racing TV - Live Events

Truck race tonight too

Jeff Gordon is a tiny little man…Larson has this today

I like how Waltrip is making a mockery of the boom mics…lmao

How is Bubba Wallace doing today?

Oh, yeah, he isn’t in the top 20.

Because he is a shitty driver.

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I’m telling you man DW is great. When I first started watching nascar I though he was a goof. But as time had went by I have really started liking him.

Hes funny as hell, but he knows his shit about these cars and racing.

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Harvick came from way back to finish second. If only…

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I can’t get over how gay Michael comes off as.

I always have, and still do find DW’s boogies boogity thing to be cringe but overall I like the guy. Mikey though… Mikey is gay AF. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

haha Why i love him!!

awesome seeing him in this type of world!! hahaha

That’s funny…lol…followed casually back then and all the ladies loved Casey Kahne…i think he was just making light of that

Yes I know the leg cross was pretty fuckin gay